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Meliton Geronimo communication with Master Koichi Kondo

In early 1961, Meliton Geronimo communicated with Master Koichi Kondo of the All Japan Karate Association, to join in the formation of the Asian Karate Association and grant recognition to SIKARAN as a distrinct art of empty hand fighting of Filipino origin, as it did with the Korean art of Tang Soo Doo.

Master Koichi Kondo responds Meliton Geronimo Meliton Geronimo answers Master Koichi Kondo
Again, on 05 May 1961, Master Koichi Kondo, in a hand-written response from Korea acknowledged Meliton Geronimo's desire to have the Asian Karate Association recognize the Kapatiran SIKARAN ng Pilipinas. On 06 March 1963, Master Koichi Kondo confirmed his support for Meliton Geronimo and the membership of the Kapatiran SIKARAN ng Pilipinas in the Asian Karate Association. Master Koichi Kondo also extended an invitation for the Philippines to Participate in the Asian Karate Championships.


On 06 November 1966, the Asian Karate Association headed by its President Grandmaster Kwai Byeung Yun of the Korean Soo Bak Doo, with the concurrence of All Japan Karate Federation Grandmaster Koichi Kondo and Korean Tang Soo Doo Grandmaster Hwang Kee, officially recognized SIKARAN as a distinct Filipino Fighting Art. Meliton Geronimo was acknowledged as the Grandmaster of SIKARAN and was awarded the 10th Degree Red Belt.

Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo Grandmaster Koichi Kondo
Koichi Kondo
All Japan Karate Federation
Grandmaster Kwai Byeung Yun
Kwai Byeung Yun
Korean Soo Bak Doo
Grandmaster Hwang Kee
Hwang Kee
Korean Tang Soo Doo
World Union of Karate-Do Organizations World Union of Karate-Do Organizations
Ryoichi Sasakawa, President of the Federation of All Japan Karate-Do Organizations (FAJKO), was elected President of the World Union of Karate-Do Organizations (WUKO) in October 1970. Sasakawa is shown welcoming the signatory members of WUKO. Meliton Geronimo (2nd from right with back turned to camera) and Emmanuel Querubin (to Geronimo's right) represented the Philippines. Meliton Geronimo (first row 3rd from left) and Emmanuel Querubin (behind Geronimo) Korea's Dr. Kwai Byeung Yoon, former President of the Asian Karate Association is to the left of Meliton Geronimo.
Malacanang Palace  
Dikaran Pilipinas (Sikap) Rodrigo Espiritu, 1972 greater Manila Black Belt Silver Medalist receives award from Japan Goju-Ryu Karate Grandmaster Gogen "The Cat" Yamaguchi as Philippine Karate Association President Dante Nagtalon looks on.
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