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Sikaran Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo celebrates 84th Birthday
Sikaran Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo celebrates 84th Birthday with from left; Emmanuel Querubin, Rodrigo Espiritu, Jimmy Geronimo and Ramon Valdenor.

Baras, Rizal - 2009

Baras, Rizal - 2009

The Sikaran Tiumvirate infornt of the Sikaran monument at the entrance to Baras.
From L - R: Master Jimmy Geronimo (9th Degree Black Belt), Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo (10th Degree Red Belt), and Mantas Emmanuel ES Querubin (9th Degree Black Belt)

Signatory Founding Members
Signatory Founding Members of the World Union of Karate-Do Organization
Captain Meliton Geronimo, (first row 3rd from left) to his left is Dr. Kwai Byeung Yun past President of the defunct Asian Karate Association. The author is behind Captain Geronimo (second row 3rd from left), with Karate Leaders from other parts of the world during the formation of theWorld Union of Karate-do Organizations (WUKO).

Sikaran Seniors
Sikaran Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo 10th Degree Red Belt with Sikaran Seniors
From left: Ramon Valdenor (8th Degree No. 513), Victor Laxamana (8th Degree No. 144), Emmanuel Querubin (9th Degree No. 87), Jose Sidlacan (8th Degree No. 116), and Rodrigo Espiritu (8th Degree No. 348).

Philippines - Amara Arkanis
Emmanual Querubin (5th from left in red shirt) and Steven Dowd of FMAdigest (5th from right) with instructors of Amara Arkanis Philippines, Internationl.

From Left: Vicky Dowd, Steven Dowd, Jimmy Geronimo (9th Degree Black Belt Chief Instructor of the World Sikaran Brotherhood, Emmanual Querubin, and Gloria Querubin.
San Francisco, CA.
From Left: Louelle Lledo of Amara Arkanis, Eloididio Seletaria of Seletaria Sikaran-Arnis, Carlo Magno Seletaria (Grandson and heir to Remy Presas of Modern Arnis Belt and Uniform), Steven Dowd of FMAdigest and Emmanual Querubin.
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