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Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo

Meliton Geronimo, proudly wears the Kendo-gi presented to him by Kendo Master Kobayashi, after they engaged in a friendly exchange of “stick blows”. Geronimo, aside from being the Grandmaster of SIKARAN, is also a Master of ARNIS DE MANO (Doble Baston). On his Kendo-gi are the official seal of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (PAAF) for international athletes and the seal of the Karate (SIKARAN) Brotherhood of the Philippines. Meliton Geronimo presented this Kendo-gi to the author who in the same tradition presented it to his student Victor Laxamana. The figure that resembles a fist on the KBP patch is actually the outline of five bare feet, denoting the fighting art of SIKARAN.
Sikaran Then
Manuel Ocampo demonstrates
the Biyakid (spinning heel kick)
against Melencio Bigasin



And Now...

Sikaran Now
Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo demonstrates
the Biyakid
against Emmanuel Querubin
Merging of the Then and Now Merging of the Then and Now Merging of the Then and Now
Meliton Geronimo with Meleccio Bigasin
Sikaran Then



And Now...


Sikaran Now
...Then And Now...
Sikaran Then
Cipriano Geronimo, Last Sikaran Hari of Baras (second from left)
with the other few surviving Sikaran Masters of Baras
Sikaran Now
Meliton Geronimo’s circle of confidants:
Second Row - From Left: Perfecto Mendiola, Meliton Geronimo, Boity Sevilla, Godofredo Hermoso.
First Row - From Left: Emmanuel Querubin, Dalmacio Veneracion and Eusebio Avancena.


Dambang Patagilid
DAMBANG PATAGILID (DINAGIT) – Jumping or flying side kick
This kick was developed with the head as the primary target.
Dambang Sipawid
DAMBANG SIPAWID – Jumping diagonal heel thrust kick. Another variation used the same way as a jumping back thrust heel kick.
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