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SIKARAN - The Fighting Art of the Filipino Farmer

SIKARAN “The Fighting Art of the Filipino Farmer”
By Emmanuel del Espiritu Santo Querubin

   The author was appointed by Grandmaster Melton Geronimo as Director for Research and Standards.
   This is the only fully authorized book about Sikaran authorized by Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo.
   This book neither intends nor claims to reveal any mysticism or secret of Sikaran. This is solely because there are neither secrets nor mysteries involved in Sikaran. Sikaran is composed of purely offensive and defensive maneuvers systematically organized as an effective fighting art and an exciting sport.
   This is a must for all practitioners whether practitioners of Sikaran or not.

Original Balangkas of Sikaran

Original Balangkas of Sikaran
By Emmanuel Del Espiritu Querubin
9th Degree Red and White Belt

In the 1960’s Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo developed Sikaran Balangkas with the assistance of Jaime Geronimo and Emmanuel Querubin, inspired and encouraged by the Sikaran elders of Baras, Rizal led by Cipriano Geronimo (last Hari of Baras), Melencio Bigasin, Manuel Ocampo (both Hari-turned Guro) Aurelio Cabacob, Angeles Pilapil, and Servillano Javier (all Sikaran Guros).
When Melton Geronimo appointed Emmanuel Querubin Executive Assistant for Research and Standards in the 1960’s, it became his duty and responsibility to journalize everything regarding Sikaran, serve as record-keeper, disseminate, and share what has been entrusted to him by Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo.

This book, Original Balangkas of Sikaran is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered.

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Amara Arkanis “The Fighting Art of the Mandirigma”

Amara Arkanis
“The Fighting Art of the Mandirigma”
By: Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo Jr.

   MatawGuro Louelle Lledo Jr. is the Founder of Amara Akanis and wrote the column FMA Educational Depot for the FMAdigest.
   This book is designed for the Beginner in the Filipino martial arts, so they will have a concrete foundation, going through a step-by-step learning of the fundamentals. It is for the Advanced Student who may not have gone through this type of training, so they will understand the underlying principles of the maneuvers they execute. And for the Prospective Teacher, so they can better organize a more systematized lesson plan or course of study for a more effective and efficient teaching and learning experience of the Filipino martial arts.
   This is the same Filipino Martial Arts Education Program that MatawGuro Louelle Lledo used successfully at the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association Region IV and his students who are teaching in the Philippines. This book is a necessity to those who wish to format their teaching at a higher educational level and give their students a deeper understanding of their training.
Over a 172 pages packed with pictures and examples.

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